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Bio International Trading Srl

Biological products cultivated at local level

IBT, Bio International Trading Srl, is based in the Dominican Republic with Italian capitals and management, IBT is registered and recognized from the local Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo and at the Chamber of Commerce Dominico-Italiana in Santo Domingo. Our company is mainly active in the agroindustrial chain focusing on biological products cultivated at local level. We trade bio-commodities and traditional commodities, and provide the companies with tailored solutions and assistance. Thanks to our international network of collaborators we operate in different countries of the world. Our growing network guarantees operational flexibility, competitive prices and a wide availability of goods.

  • Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

    Jack Black
    Henry Ford


Offer added value to your business.

IBT makes the difference among Dominican companies operating in the world trade sector thanks to its capability in delivering value added to your business.
The features that distinguish our company from competitors are:
  • vocation to trade bio-commodities produced in the Dominican Republic and promotion of agro-products destined to the Caribbean market .
  • our direct presence in the Dominican Republic: we are valuable partners for companies as we can also have a role of supervisor; directly testing of the product quality and the reliability of trade partners; providing documentary evidence along the entire shipping process from product selection to closing of the container.
  • Our traditional presence and expertise in the Dominican and Carribean agroindustrial sector represent a solution to those problems that customers from distant countries often meet in Latin America.

our top priorities

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IBT has partnership agreements with SME and major local companies producing bio-commodities such as vegetable oils, coffee, cocoa, fruits and derivatives of these product; IBT is advised and supported by governmental Dominican agencies such as Chambers of Commerce, Custom-house, Center for Import and Export in RD, etc; we also manage the development of several Italian brands of pasta and wine as well as international brands in the Dominican Republic.


Dealing with certified and reliable companies

IBT facilitates international trade in bio-commodity focusing on those produced in the Dominican Republic, being these more directly controlled and managed by the same company. The leading products are vegetal oils, fruits, coffee, cocoa and their derivatives.


Management and guarantee for a custom business

The purchase and the sale of commodities and bio-commodities are the object of trading activity of IBT. International players dealing with these products are connected by our company backed up and managed the conclusion of trade agreements most suited to the characteristics of the business.


Competence and willingness to serve your business

IBT works with operators interested in buying goods produced in the Dominican Republic and in the world. The assistance activity consists of several services such as: search supply/demand for a certain product, warranty of product and new business partners, service CLC (checking locked container), tracking of the product from production to the boarding, closing the container; we will show you the entire process from production to shipping through photos and video, etc. We think this will be the best way for you have all the garanties for your business At the same time, we offer new markets in which the interested companies may test their brands.


Special business opportunities

IBT also offers other really importants services such as to mediate the resolution of special business occasions result of limited situations such as liquidations, clearance sales, change of venue, spot offers, etc. Definitely, these opportunities are marked by special features such as: accessibility, immediacy of the store, uniqueness of the set related to the limited availability of the product, products made in Italy and made in EU.

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